The name Clone represents my philosophy of art. Where honesty, not originality inspires the purpose of reflecting the way we perceive and are affected by our environment.

My name is Jorge Terrell, but I have used the alias of Clone since my years as a graffiti artist during the 90's.  I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. My inspiration began with science fiction. Growing up in the 80’s I loved the movies, cartoons, comics, and toys of this era and enjoyed watching the classic Horror reruns on late night TV. I love being able bond with people from all walks of life over these other universes.

Later the world of graffiti art would completely absorb me during high school. I learned so much about art during this period. I met many talented artists. We were forced to be creative with the tools available at that time. I explored the relationship between imitation and originality, and studied the “code”of the community. I was able to experience collaboration and painting on a large scale. The love for painting big is something I carried on since.

I studied Visual Arts in “La Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas” and “La Academia de San Carlos” in Mexico City. Here I focused my attention on traditional painting mediums and developed my foundations in live drawing of the human anatomy. Photography was my other major interest. I learned the basic black and white dark-room techniques, and my interest in digital art lead me to practice digital photography.

My graduating thesis was titled“Graffiti; Un Movimiento Pictorico,” and explains my belief that Graffiti Art will be remembered in the history of art to be as influential as Surrealism, Impressionism, Romanticism, or other such prominent movements. Graffiti is a movement that exists outside of the formalities of most art genres, but has grown to be regarded as equal to these art genres. It has become a culture of its own and a worldwide  movement inspiring thousands of young artists, still gaining momentum today.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2002 and have since curated and participated in several group and solo exhibitions. I have done a variety of specific projects ranging from commercial murals to advertisements and  catalogues; from tattoo designs to traditional portraits.

Thank you for visiting my little corner on the web.